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Garry's Garry Garrys Mod Garry's Mod nosteam lumaemu

2013-05-12 23:56:25 GMT


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Garry's Mod 13 v163


* No-steam crack (LumaEmu)
* Fully updated and working as of 12/5 2013
* No need to be admin to run the game
* Clean release - no bullshit

How to run the game

1. Extract the rar file anywhere you want it

2. Exit Steam (will be killed with force otherwise)

3. Run the game by double-clicking on the file called START

4. If you get an error saying that a DLL file is missing,
   install "vcredist_x86.exe" in the redist folder

5. Don't forget to seed!

How to change in-game name

1. Open the file LumaEmu.ini

2. The second row is where you change the name

3. Save the file and restart the game

How to get content from other games

1. Download/get hold of the game's content folder

2. Put it beside this README (in the "Garry's Mod" folder)

3. Open LumaEmu.ini

4. Search for the row "MountContent"

5. Set it to 1 and save the file

6. Start the game

7. Click the little game-controller to the
   bottom right

8. Tick the boxes for the games you want to mount
   (Remember that you can only mount the games you
    downloaded the files for!)

9. Launch a game and the content is now available

How to install addons

1. Download the addon's .gma file
   (Suggested site below)

2. Put that .gma file in:
   "Garry's Modgarrysmodaddonsgma"

3. Done has the tools for downloading from Steam Workshop



Does it work on Mac? If no please give me a link to one that does.
dude I can't connect to a lan...I can't click on the developers console....what do I do?....
Why i can't play mutiplayer, and if you know how, tell us or upload your file for us. Really thankfull for that.
How can i play "Stop It, Slender"?
It works, thanks for the torrent.. but the multiplayer doesn't, it doesn't load the servers, how can I make the multiplayer work?
It's cracked, so there might not be a way to play on multiplayer, but you can try out with Tunggle or Hamachi.
If I try to run the game with START.bat there pops a black window up and closes after 1 sek. I already tried to "Open the START.bat file in notepad, remove everything above hl2.exe line." but it didnt worked - if I try to oppen the hl2.exe it just says that there are some dll's missing and that gameinfo.txt doesnt exist... I also installed vcredist_x86.exe but didnt helped. pls help!
Ps: sry for my bad english ;)
I may be just an idiot.. but when i try to run it, it says "Error loading application id. Please either write it to steam_appid.txt or use the launcher!"

I don't get why this is happening, i followed the instructions and my steam is closed.

I have the same problem as @vaion1 I have windows 8 I figured out what it stod after a bit of time it stands: garrysmod.exe is not known as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. It's something with the start file samething happens sometimes when you lunch a minecraft server. But you can fix that PLEASE ANSWER IF YOU KNOW HOW TO FIX THIS, I REALLY LOVE THIS GAME AND I SO BAD WANT IT :((
@Jaunais If you wanna play it alone, yes. Or if there's a way to fix multiplayer then yes.
can i play lan?
i have graphics problem
Can you help out the ones that want multiplayer? The damn dev console isn't showing up. Does anyone have a fix for this?
Okay so I got multiplayer to work, so I'll let you all know what I did, hope this helps you:
1. Open the game, go to options > keyboard options > click advanced > make sure enable developer console is checked off.
2. Go back to keyboard options > scroll to the bottom where you get to keybind Developer Console (it should currently be F10) > keybind it to whatever you want (make sure they aren't overlapping with another key, I used the default ~ key)
3. Either exit the options and reenter or just press the key WHILE IN OPTIONS MENU (for some reason I couldn't get it to open by being onthe main menu, I needed the options menu open to actually open it).
3A. HOSTS: You only have to start new game > choose map > click drop down "single player" and choose amount of players > start game.
3B. CLIENTS: In the developer's console, type "connect ###.###.###.###" where the # signs are the IP of the host (this could be the local ip or Hamachi IP). NOTE: I never used hamachi to connect to another person, I have no idea if this will work or not.
4. Have fun.
I don't know if this still has the blue orb/missing person crap the other gmod torrent has, but I have no idea how to fix that either.
I can't even play the damn thing. I keep getting this shitty "No SteamUser" error.

It's fucking annoying.
If you're going to pirate this, get Gmod 12 instead. It just feels a lot better and cleaner, even if it loads a bit slower.
Pirate a $5 game and play some single player gmod
This torrent is very outdated, you should get this one instead:
medrike, open steam_appid.txt then erase everything there and type in 730. it SHOULD work.
if not, look for another solution. i'm just trying to help
well this works great just a simple extract from rar no install or patch needed. I had to edit that START.bat file (remove everything above hl2.exe line) but that solved my problem so whatever.

Comes with a clean copy and the username is Lumaemu on killfeed i gotta figure out how to change that...
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